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Direct your tank around the map with your arrow keys or WASD. Fire enemies by using the left mouse button.


Get ready for a combat between you and other players in a challenging 2D Shooter game called Following the famous concepts of and, this Strategy game promises to keep you addicted and entertained for hours. You roam a map as a basic tank trying to shoot at enemies when you catch sight of them while keeping yourself alive from their shots. Not only enemies you have to deal with, but also the triangles with different sizes. If you focus on shooting them, you may gain your experience very fast, which will help you level up. When you run out of bullets, make sure you reload by eating the food orbs around the map. Also, these orbs can increase your XP. Your character is armed with some stats which need to be upgraded through over time by spending your earned points. Just like other IO games, your final goal is to reach the top ranking on the leaderboard. Have fun!

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