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Use the mouse to move your character. Click right mouse to dash. Use key C for cooldown reset, key P for phantom mode, key G to increase your size, and key S to get smaller.

About can be considered as a great clone of Rock Paper & Scissors game. Let’s check out this awesome free for all Strategy game to discover further challenges. Before you start the mission, make sure you have a grasp of the game rules. The rock will go kill the Scissors, the Scissors will go kill the Paper, while the Paper tries to destroy the Rock. You need to dash into your targets to kill them, and throughout the dash, you will get the power-up of reset cooldown which lets you double your dash. When someone is going after you, and another enemy is chasing him, you can use the phantom mode to lure your killer and kill him, then you turn to destroy his enemy. Try your hardest to level up your character, which helps you develop your speed as well as give more skill points to you. Then, you can use them to improve cooldown reduction, dash distance or even get an additional life. Try it now!

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