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Control your bubble boat around the map with your mouse. You can speed it up with the right mouse button, and release your hook with the left mouse button.


Feeling crazy about classic IO games? Why don’t you start playing to feel the difference and conquer many new challenges? More enemies are waiting for you ahead, so take this chance to jump into the game arena and start battling against them now! You will have to move your own bubble boat around the map in order to consume as many spawning orbs as possible. With a lot of orbs collected, the size of your bubble will be bigger, and your score will be increased too. Your boat is armed with a hook which is very dangerous and must be used in a right way to kill the opponents. Try to aim and throw it at your enemies faster, hook them all then grab their dead remains for increasing your mass faster. You must play with a nice strategy and always stay watchful for the surroundings, or else you will get hooked and die. The game goal is to climb the leaderboard and gain the dominance!

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