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You use the mouse to control your shark around the ocean to eat up smaller creatures.

About is an Ocean-themed IO game in which players will become dangerous sharks trying to fight for their survival. You have to move around a vast ocean to eat up a lot of weaker creatures in order to increase your food chain. There are numerous aquatic creatures with different sizes for you to deal with, such as hammerheads, squid, and others. But you can only absorb ones that are smaller than you while trying to elude ones that are bigger than you. If you get closer to them, you will become their targets, and they won’t be hesitant to eat you. Hence, you must always protect your shark from those dangers, focus on gaining a bigger size as well as attempt to survive longer to climb the leaderboard. Swimming around this ocean also helps you explore more interesting stuff. Let’s jump into the game right now to start this adventure! Good luck!

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