Shooting Heads

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Perform your character’s movements by using keys WASD. Click left mouse to shoot at enemies.

About Shooting Heads

Shooting Heads

Prove your shooting abilities through a lot of challenges in a 2D Shooter IO game called Shooting Heads! The game sets in a map full of platforms. You have to move your chosen character carefully, and let him jump from this area to another one trying to shoot down all enemies. It’s not only about using your shooting skill to destroy the rivals, but also, you must prepare your tactics in advance, then, use them wisely to deal with the tough players. One of the best tactics could be jumping around the map. You need to keep moving to make your opponents find it difficult to shoot you. Also, you have to be on the lookout for the surroundings because the enemies easily ambush you anytime they can. Be sure to defend your character all the time, stay alive, then, work your way up the leaderboard. Click to start it now!

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