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Use the mouse to control your plane. Press spacebar or use the left mouse to shoot other enemies.

About game lets you fly around the sky as a pilot who has to guide his plane to fight against numerous opponents from around the world. Jump into this IO game now to start the challenge! This is a fierce combat that requires you to prepare your tactics and skills in advance so you can deal with the dangers. Attempt to roam the sky carefully, aim and shoot down enemies standing in your pathway. Also, you have to employ your strategies wisely. You are advised to get behind the enemy planes while you are in the combat. If you stay behind, it will be easier for you to shoot them without taking damage. But if you let them stay behind your plane, you won’t be able to elude their incoming projectiles, causing your plane to get damaged, and you may meet your doom soon. Attempt to survive longer so you can reach the top!

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