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Use arrow keys to take control of your snake Press spacebar to accelerate

About 3D 3D is a new Multiplayer snake game that can be considered as 3D. This is another version of which is made in 3D and it offers unique graphics, better features as well as more challenges to the players. The game allows you to select your favorite grassland before joining the game. The in-game grasslands are known as servers located in EU and US. Also, you can totally choose your skin, or customize your snake following your own style. These features are completely different from game, which gives you a new experience! As mentioned above, is a game in 3D, so of course, this game will be very similar to in gameplay. You will direct a snake and try to move it around the grassland in order to absorb the balls scattering around the map. Control it carefully, eat as many balls as possible to grow up faster. Do not crash into the big rocks or touch the bodies of other opponent snakes, you will die if that happens and your game will be over! However, you can try to temp other snakes and make them run into you. Once they die, you should instantly grab their dead fragments, eat them up to increase your mass faster! Your goal is to survive longer and rank number 1 on the leaderboard!

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