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Use the mouse to control your snake and move it around

About Play Play is a online game centering on the way you survive and move in the world filled with snakes. This is a surviving game like, which has been very famous for months ago. Are you up to this? It will be better to experience a brand new multiplayer game that is very fun! Your mission is to control a little snake and help it grow up by absorbing all the glowing pellets dispersing around the map. The most important thing that you have to remember in is that if you crash into or slightly touch other snakes, you will get blown up for sure, leading your game to a failure. This feature is kind of different from game! Even if you are just a smaller snake, you can even kill other bigger ones if you lure them run into you, then “boom”, their end will happen! Therefore, try to move your snake skillfully, don’t make any crash and survive as long as possible! Your goal is to become the strongest and biggest snake in the leaderboard! Wish you luck!

How to play game

Use the mouse to control your snake and move it around.
Eat to grow longer! Don’t run into other snakes! When longer, hold the mouse for a speed boost!

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  1. aiyana ness says:

    this game is awesome but how do you change skins

  2. Agario says:

    Thank You. Admin

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