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Move your snok around the map by using keys WASD or arrow keys. Make a speed boost for your snok by using spacebar.

About is a great Slither Style game with so many challenges and cool features that you should explore. The game bears the similar concept to, but you will find it different from the classic game. When spawning in the arena, you will direct your snok around the map to eat more foods for increasing your body. The more foods you consume, the longer you will become. Be sure that you will stay watchful for other enemies who are doing the same task. These guys can take any chances to take you out by forcing you to hit them. You should use your tactics to prevent that, and try your hardest to make an obstacle around those enemies. They won’t any other choices but crashing into, which brings their life to an end. You can even surpass them too if you speed up your snok, but doing so will make your length decrease a bit. Your goal is to become the best snok of all!


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