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Press key W or key Z to shoot food, key X to shoot poison, key C to construct a wall, and destroy it with key V. Tap spacebar for splitting.

About brings you fantastic challenges to conquer! Play this Splix Style Strategy IO game right now to demonstrate your excellent abilities. Your main task is to convert a lot of tiles, then go slay all the cells so that you can take over the lands of your opponents. They are going to do the same to you, hence, just make sure you construct a giant stronghold to keep your realm secure. The more you defend it, the more mass you will earn, which helps you dominate the leaderboard. You can place many walls around your territory so that they can help you defend. Whenever you destroy a rival, his realm will belong to you, excluding for his walls. But you can destroy the walls or make him weaker by shooting poison. Try to improve your walls, or assist someone by shooting food. Attempt to rule 90% of the map to become the winner! Good luck!

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