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The mouse is used for gathering star dust and growing your orbit. You can dash into the enemies by clicking your left mouse button.


Let’s enjoy some fantastic challenges in a cool Asteroids and Power-ups game called! The game is all about gathering a lot of stardust to develop your orbit and become the strongest star of all. However, that goal seems to be very challenging when you have to face off against so many opponents from across the world. You must roam the galaxy for the stardust, or you can try to steal it from other larger enemies. This can be a dangerous combat for you, so be sure to prepare your tactics in advance when you deal with them. To kill one opponent, you need to dash into him quickly, then snatch up his stardust! But if you want to make an escape, try to search for a black hole because it can get you to another spot on the map instantly. See if you can grow your orbit to the max or not!

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