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Click left mouse to charge your power, get a maximum power with the right mouse. Use key Q to use the ghost skill, key E for multiplier, and keys W/S for boosting. You can zoom with the mouse wheel scroll too. Swerve to the left/right by using keys A/D.


Start to pot the balls and enemies in a fantastic Power-ups Sports game called which is inspired by the classic Pool game. You will play against with so many players worldwide, so this is a nice chance for you to prove your skills to them. The main task here is to increase your points by potting a standard ball or even potting your opponents. 25 points will be given to you if you pot the ball, but 100 points will all you have if you pot the rivals. This IO game also lets you improve your stats and abilities by leveling up. There are four skills you can use, such as ghost, swerve, multiplier and boost. Each of them has their own features, like the ghost will make you invisible to others, multiplayer will activate a points multiplier for a limited time, and you can speed up by using the boost. Try your hardest to climb the leaderboard so you will become the winner!


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