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The tank movement can be done with the mouse. Click left mouse button to fire.


Become the most powerful tank controller in an addictive and entertaining IO game called! With this game, you can even show off your excellent abilities. You have to control your tank and make your way through a bunch of dangers around. Be sure to aim for a perfect angle, then, quickly shoot down other enemy tanks while you elude getting hit. Show no mercy to your enemies! Just be an aggressive player who wants to swallow all his opponents. You should prepare your strategies in advance, then, you can employ them to deal with the rivals easily. Everybody wants to reach the top rank on the leaderboard, and so do you! Hence, try to defend your tank all the time, survive long enough then you can get added to the Reigns Hall of Fame. The game basically is easy and simple to understand, but it’s really difficult to master. Give it a try now!

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