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Use the mouse to control your character and move around the map to capture more areas.

About is an addictive Strategy IO game that is inspired by The gameplay mechanics of this one will be very familiar to you. When you first spawn into the arena, you will begin moving around with your tail in order to take over as many areas as possible, then you must quickly connect them back to your main base so that you can enlarge your territory. While you are attempting to grow your realm, make sure you always leave your tail secure. If a certain enemy hits your tail, you will get doomed instantly. This rule is exactly the same as,,,, etc. Hence, you need to be on the lookout for the surroundings. The game features two bounties, including speed bounty and score bounty. Speed bounty will help you make a speed boost that lasts 5 seconds. And you will get over 100 points on eating with the score bounty. Attempt to reach the top spot on the leaderboard! Good luck!

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