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Control your spaceship by using the mouse. Hold your mouse to boost the ship.

About is a nice Space and Asteroids game where players have a chance to become a pilot of their spaceships and fly them around in space to battle against each other. You will bump into a bunch of asteroids, moons as well as enemies during your adventure. So, make sure you prepare your abilities carefully in advance, then, employ them to take out all those dangers. Try to pick up as much stardust above the white line as possible to get a lot of points. Always elude the ships that are much stronger than you, or else you will get damaged. If you land on Earth, you can start healing your ship. But don’t move out of the bounds! If you do so, your ship will be ruined. Try your hardest to prolong your life during the game. Become the best pilot of all so you can rule the entire arena. Good luck!

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