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Look around in the view mode, then use WASD for the movement. In the build mode, click left mouse button to place the voxel, then use it too to choose the color in pick mode and destroy the voxels in the destroy mode. Toggle the chat window with key Enter, toggle the tools window with spacebar.


Immerse yourself into a fantastic unlimited 3D world in a new IO game named! You play as a voxel editor, so take this chance to show off your creative abilities. With four basic modes featured in the game, including view mode, build mode, pick mode and destroy mode, you are able to create and place voxels following your own style. The view mode allows you to have a look around the playfield before heading to the build mode to place down the voxel. Also, you can totally select you favorite voxel color by using the pick mode. For the destroy mode, if you want to get rid of a voxel, just select it first then click on it for the demolition. Hopefully, these tools and modes will bring you funny and awesome moments while you’re enjoying the game. The world in is so vast! You can tell and invite your friends to come play with you!

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