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Use the mouse to move around the arena. Press spacebar to use your powers, and use key E to eject your mass as well as choose your power.


Play a fun yet hard-to-beat Agario-inspired game called! The gameplay is so familiar and easy with the additional thing is that you are able to eat many power-ups that are dispersed around the arena then make good use of them to get an edge over the rivals. The game features so many power-ups, such as Magneto that helps you attack others in range, Teleport that gets you to another spot on the map straightly, Slower that can be used to decrease the speed of others in range, Slash that allows you to shoot your enemies, Speedo that gives you a speed boost for a short time, Invisible that makes you invisible to others, and Pusher that enables you to push away others. Your default power is Splitter that can be used to split your mass like in game. Jump into the game right now to prove your skills and conquer all enemies!

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