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Use the left mouse button to assault the enemies, press the right mouse button for a dash attack.

About Battlz.Club


Grab a chance to fight against many enemies in Battlz.Club game and show off all your skills! It’s a great web browser IO game where you must destroy all rivals for a chance of ruling the whole club. You are armed with a sword, but you won’t use it much to kill others. The only thing you can do to take them out is to push them in front of the path of the fireball. Make sure they will be hit with that fireball, causing them to die instantly. But be careful when you do this because other rivals can totally do the same to you. Therefore, protecting yourself is a must! Try to swing the sword or speed up your character so you can outplay them. Always have your skills and strategies in readiness because you may get ambushed anytime. Think you can dominate the club? Let’s give it a go!

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