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Use the left mouse or spacebar to bite and click the right mouse or key W for dashing.


Your main objective in is to become the last survivor that stands! But to achieve it, you have to kill all enemies standing in your way using your strategies. The game follows the .io concept and it’s free to play in your browser, so you can jump into it anytime you want. You control your character around the map to eat many monsters that are smaller than you. The more monsters you absorb, the larger you will become, which gives you a better chance to dominate the arena. If your health is running low, don’t worry, you can refill it by eating many cookies dispersed on the floor. Also, you can replenish your stamina by drinking some water. Make sure you keep powering up yourself and play strategically so as to outplay all opponents. Everybody wants to become the strongest creature in this arena, making the chance of winning much more difficult. Wish you luck!

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